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Gender Studies everywhere - even in holidays ;)

Gender studies - the topic our seminarcourse is dealing with - really exists all the time and everywhere in our everyday life. So to give a personal example, I spent a few days of my whitsun holidays in Cologne. In one of these little souvenirs shops, I searched through the stands of postcards and found the following pieces:

One card was related to the "typical" behavior of women in big cities like Cologne, so they would run criss-cross the area and search for any kind of stores and places like for instance musees, jewelery stores, cafés, cinemas, shoe shops and so on.

The men on the other side would simply and only concentrate on the three most important places to go: the stadion to watch the 1.FC Köln play some nice soccer, the empties receipt to bring back the drunk up bottles of alcohol and of course the typical cologne pubs.

So this example of the two postcards which shows the stereotype of female and male behavior in regard to big cities, in this case in Cologne, represents the general attitude that women would just want to go around and see something of the place they visit and of course to go shopping whereas the men would just concentrate to have fun and see some sports but in particular to go and drink a beer with their mates in the given localities.

So you see the subject of gender studies don't let me go even in my freetime when I am in holidays .

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