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Term Paper - Gender & Food: Conclusion (8)

In my term paper I tried to take a look at the most important gender relevant topics concerning food.

As a result of this work, I can clearly say that there are not just clichés existing but solid and verifiable facts which show the differences respectively also some similarities between the genders.

So to shortly sum up the prime points, women care all in all more about their nutrition what not always is just positive for instance in regard to dieting and the possibly resulting eating disorders which can even lead to death.
Other knowledge were the reasons why men drink respectively women eat huge amounts of chocolate, namely because of sorrows and also biological aspects, which by the way make the women’s life hard in regard of losing weight. We additionally learned that also the place where you eat or the time you take for eating is able to express gender. But the greatest differences we find in the topic what kinds of food men and women do eat, included the aspects alcohol and sweets. In the first one the men are leading whereas concerning the second one it is the other way around. Men also are leading in the consumption of meat, the women in contrast in the one of vegetables and fruits.

It is also the female population that gets mainly influenced and pressured by the media and the whole idealized glamour world by itself. So the highest number of psychical eating disorders is again on the side of the women. But it has also to be regarded that  the number of cases of men with eating disorders is raising as well.

To come to an end, the whole topic of food in our everyday life is full with gender related aspects. Maybe now you see the world around food with some other eyes, this is at least my personal result.

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