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Term Paper - Gender & Food: Eating Disorders (7)

In this blog I want you to show up possible consequences of the dieting delusion which is mainly caused by the media and its daily influence as spoken to in the blog before.

So what serious effects can follow as a consequence of this emotional burden and the whole situation we are set out every day and over years is the topic of this last and the essay closing chapter: the eating disorders.
Eating disorders are characterized by a disturbed proportion to food and the own body. People with eating disruptions only think of food, weight and their physical appearance. There are three kinds of disorders existing, the anorexia, bulimia and the binge-eating-disorder. In regard to dieting, we only focus on the first two diseases, the anorexia and the eat-vomit-addiction (bulimia). After the Federal Center For Health Education (BZgA) today ca. 600 000 women in the age of 15 and 35 suffer bulimia and 100 000 suffer anorexia. The number of men suffering one of these disorders is ten times smaller, which shows that the eating disorders are typical female what is connected with the fact that women always want to look pretty and due to the media it exists the beauty ideal of thin women which causes these many cases of disorders usually arising out of previous diets. This last point is shown by a Australian longtime study with almost 2000 pupils in the age of 14 to 15 years over a time span of three years. It came out that two thirds of the girls made a diet in this time and of those who strictly complied with dieting every fifth developed eating disorders.
So as a result, the dieting delusion and with that the media which created this ideal of only being attractive and lucky if the body size fits bears the guilt of many diseased humans.  And the number of both men and women who get victims of these disorders is rising (in regard to anorexia the increasing rate is 24%). Very recently, I found an article in the daily newspaper “Badische Neueste Nachrichten“ who verifies this development which is amongst others caused by the aspect that more and more men start to think they would not correlate the ideal image and so also start to make diets. Michael Günter, professor at the university-clinic of Tubingen and medical specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy approved that a pursuit of thinness developed in our society. “Who wants to be sexy has to be thin […]”, is the new way of thinking. This would be supported by TV-shows like “Germany’s next topmodel” by Heidi Klum and divers lifestyle magazines. But the main precondition would be the structure of identity and the social environment. Problems of the parents or even the case of sexual abuse can be triggers of getting psychical conditioned eating disorders. Professor Gunter also underlined the danger of the anorexia, which would be “the psychical disease with the highest death rate.” This would be the case due to the down implementation of heart, blood pressure and metabolism. Besides, the osteoporoses danger would rise because of the destroyed calc of the bones. In the worst case, people suffering anorexia could die as a consequence of heart still standing through lack of potassium because of vomiting.
So to sum up, eating disorders are serious addictions which can have dramatic followings. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention if somebody in the personal environment behaves strange concerning the topic food.

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