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A Gender For Change

In recent courses, we heard all of the little presentations we had to do as a preparation for our oral exam which will take place after the Whitsun holidays.

So another text somebody had to work with dealed with "Gender For Change".

There it was spoken about the glorious revolution which happend in 1968. This was a mobement against the current political circumstances at that time. The movement did not really achieve a change of the situation of gender equality but the issue came to people's senses. This is very important to improve the unfair conditions because the general attitude of society changes and as a result there is a solid base for a permanent positive developement.

Another point who changed is the meaning of the term "macho". This term stands for a man who is very self-confident in regard of talking to women and flirt with them. He makes himself out to be extremly and exaggerated male. Nowadays, however, this term has become a kind of joke. Only people in an insecure situation would still put on the "macho".

Furthermore, the current role of men changed. Masculine would no longer be the "old-style" masculine, the attitudes would have changed. Consequentially, hero stereotypes such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris would no longer exist.

In the discourse it were also mentionned the achievements as well as the failures of feminism. Political agenda set up by feminists involved equal opportunities, equal rights and equal pay. Feminism would have failed in regard to engage men as allies, so persons who provide their help. But I think this is not right to 100 per cent, there are also men supporting women in their effort to achieve equality.

A further point which was spoken to were the trade unionists. Women had to fight more and harder to achieve any mensure of euqlity within the union movement. Women are mostly seen as an oppressed class, althought there were women in higher positions even before the feminists movement started.

The "enemies" of the feminists would be of course the men. Succeeding feminists would require men to give up things they want and therefore men were the enemy. The official enemy on the other side is patriarchy, so the power of the men over the women which they did not want to give up and so oppress the female population.

Finally, the tactics of the feminists were presented. The former ones would not longer be the most effectives, so exemplarily expressing feelings would no longer wreck masculinity. Men had to see the potential advantages the would gain by feminist movements and as a consequence deal with it or even kind of support it. But all in all, political changes would be the most important and neccessary tactics the feminists need to really change something. 

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