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The Myth Of Super Dad

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Our seminarcourse is slowly but surely entering the final period. So we already had and will have other presentations about different smaller topics concerning gender to be well prepared for the final exam .

Last time, we heard a presentation about the myth of super dad. The text of the both who hold the presentation dealed with Tony Blair, the politican who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2nd May 1997 till 27th June 2007. He, in the eyes of the press, succesfully combines being a busy person with being a lovely caring dad for his children. Of course, everybody can imagine how hard it must be for him to care about them, because he hast no time to relax and has to stand up at night because of his children. But is this really good for his job? Is he able not to sleep and work nevertheless as a very high politican?

This is very questionnable. It would therefore exist three types of being a dad, and not everyone is ideal.

So there is the so-called "Smug Dad Syndrome" (SDS), which probably could be the one Tony Blair represents. This type describes the changing of men's behavior in public and at home in private. These dads play the nicest and best exisiting dad who ever lived on earth - but only in public. At home, it is again the task of the woman to care about the children. The men belonging to this group see a baby or little children as a chance for a better image. This type is in particular appearing under popular men who get presented as "superdads" in the media which is able to turn facts from black to white and projects stare pictures of persons. Hardly expressed: These men are no real fathers for their offspring.

Then we have the type of the "New Man". He cares for his baby and sacrifies himself for it. He is determinded but loves his children and looks for his style and the fashion and so on, his appearance at all.

The best of all dads is tough the "Super Dad". This signifies a men who really and without any limitation stands up for his children and cares about them. He only want them to have a happy lifetime and enjoy it. These type of father is the ideal picture for many women. But the chance if there is a Super Dad existing depends on the idea of the women which kind of father they want to have for their child, and this is as I think similar to the idea with whom the women want to be together forever because only with that person they usually can imagine to get a child.

Finally, I think in a "good-working" family, in which everybody feels secure and content, the men has the role of the Super Dad because the woman who is with him wanted to have a child or children with him and if they really love each other they will also love their children and care about them.

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