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Trip to the St. Dominikus High School For Girls

Last tuesday our seminarcourse made a trip to the St. Dominikus, a high school only for girls. This was a very interesting thing, because it was hard for myself to imagine what this school would be looking like.

And it was a little bit curious to come into the school and there are only girls around you, everywhere. Exept for one or two male teachers and the boys of our course there was no single male person in the building. And it was strange as well to move in the stairway and feel the views of the girls walking down the stairs.

In small groups we went in different classes to observate and analyze the lessons. We focused on the relation between the pupils as well as with the teacher, the behaviour of the girls in class and during the break, the methods used by the teacher to organize the lesson and the teacher's reaction if a pupil puts her hand up relatively if there are disruptions in class. Besides, we had a look at the learning efficiency and the willingness to learn.

So we introduced us in the classes we visited and explained why we were here and then we sat us and made notes concerning the points listed above.

What I think is a really good aspect was the small number of pupils in each class I visited. There were never more than maybe sixteen or seventeen girls in one class. That's a great learning atmosphere after my opinion because then it's more silent in class and additionally the teacher is able to be more responsive to every single pupil.

So what I found out about the behaviour in the pauses doesn't differ in what we do: eating, talking, maybe have a look over a few vocabs before a test .

The willingness and the learn efficiency were quite good, the girls worked most of the time concentrated and seemed to be interested. And against my prejudice they liked it to work practically, for example with tools (saws, drills, etc.).

Another point was the relation between the teacher and the pupils. All in all there was a quite relaxed contact which also allowed a little joke from time to time. And concerning the work with tools there was a high discipline with regard to safety measures. But back to the teachers, they were all (at least the ones I met) very nice and just used little admonitions to ensure the silence.

Well, that was the only thing where I felt - a little - certified with regard to my prejudices: the willingness to communicate among the girls. Everytime they built little groups and talked about different things (which had not exactly always to do with the topic of the lesson^^). But on the other side, I think that's the case in most schools, maybe just a little more pronounced in a school with only girls.

After the lessons we were allowed to visit the teacher's place and ask them questions. At home, I created a few questions for a short interview but the conversation quickly spread out what was very good because I got a first impression what it is like to teach only girls. Especially interesting where the dialogues with teachers who worked at mixed schools before and so could say something about the differences they experienced on their own. As an example, a female teacher told us that she found it more difficult to built up a deeper relation with her class if there were only boys in it. At the St. Dominikus she feels better in regard to the interhuman bonding to her pupils.

So all in all, it was a very impressive and interesting day for me. At this point again a big thank you to the people of the St. Dominikus for their cooperativeness which made this day possible at all! And of course to our teacher for organizing such trips for us .

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